Physical interactive Spaces

Bringing physical and digital spaces to life
Augmented Reality Stages

Merge virtual and physical visualizations to enhance your consumer experiences. Let your stage come alive with imaginative overlays of visual and auditory storytelling. Our team creates customized, 3D overlays perfectly timed to bring innovative concepts to life. Immersing the presenter in a virtual scene does not only raises the entertainment value of the presentation but also provides innovative opportunities to communicate information.


Explore innovative storytelling using real-time content. We create uniquely compelling multimedia worlds that turn product launches into once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Technology artists that have mastered breaking through the clutter to find fresh new ways to design excitement. Our launches take consumer experiences to a whole new level.

Experience Centres

Transform the relationships between your brands and your consumers. Experience Centres are exceptionally crafted around disruption, seamlessness, and personalization in a digital world. Future proof your customer relationships while focusing on brand differentiation and brand solidification.

Interactive Activations

Get ready to merge physical spaces with interactive, futuristic technology. Showcase brand touchpoints providing an experiential journey for the senses. Think interactive walls, touch screen catalogs, experiential tunnels. Allow your brand to adjust and respond to your customers in real-time, harnessing brand personalization and in turn giving you a competitive edge.

Bringing physical and digital spaces to life

Virtual Production

Host engaging, uninterrupted virtual events
3D Stages

Reinvent your realistic stage environment in 3D, virtually. Customize stages and create awe-inspiring, moving image displays that connect to your event themes, branding, and more. These interactive 3D projection mapping displays can be set up to change based on your audience’s and hosts' actions. Transform shows, conferences, panel discussions, product launches, and arenas to enhance virtual engagement.

Virtual Venues

Transport your consumers into a virtual, 360-degree world with an immersive, walk-through, virtual venue. Customize venues based on colors, branding, digital signage, and more. Prompt visitor engagement with interactive touchpoints, QnA bots, activations, exhibition stands, and breakout rooms. Connect consumers via voice and video chat and have speakers and hosts pre-recorded on a green screen or appear as 3D characters. The 360-degree journey is full of creative possibilities.

Interactive Event Broadcasts

Let us customize your virtual event platform to promote structured interactions, engagement and build up excitement. We take care of event landing page development, registrations, emails, and interactive activities to get your audience engaged with your brand virtually. Your audience’s virtual interaction can be recorded in real-time which increases shared hype, and your virtual event is broadcasted via low latency streaming.

Reporting & Analytics

Access real-time data to track team and visitor attendance, interest, engagement, and content consumption in your virtual environments. Gaining insights into which virtual event elements were the most sort after, is the key to post-event engagement and future virtual event design. Measure event value and use benchmark data for future events.

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Hybrid Event Production

Create immersive hybrid events with higher production quality
Hybrid Stages

Bring virtual and live audiences/speakers together using hybrid stages and increase participation from global attendees. We deliver the seamless integration of digital and physical audiences using reliable event technology and experienced professionals.

Content Delivery

Ensuring that your perfectly crafted content is securely and efficiently delivered to your audience in real-time. Our technology experts have years of experience in Over The Top (OTT) Content delivery, CDN Streaming, Multiple video inputs, Ultra Low Latency, audio monitoring and more. We also facilitate hybrid speaker management. Our team will take care of speaker onboarding, scheduling, and speaker technical support.

Hybrid Audience Engagement

Captivate your physical and virtual audiences with real-time speed networking, interactive polls, live QnA’s, breakout rooms, quizzes and more.

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