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World Chambers Congress Hybrid Event

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Eventagrate and Eventify were the leading event production companies that developed the state-of-the-art technology for the World Chambers Congress (WCC). The congress boasted an international forum for chamber thought leaders and experts to share best practices, exchange insights, develop networks, address the latest business challenges, and learn about new areas of innovation from chambers around the world. The event hosted 690 delegates (290 in-person and 400+ online) from different parts of the world. The World Chambers Congress required event technology experts to ensure detailed hybrid production execution with little room for error. They required a supplier who was skilled not only in managing physical and hybrid events but one that could develop ground-breaking event technology to inspire and engage audiences from around the world. Eventagrate and Eventify were the chosen preferred suppliers and comprised of a large skilled team who set out to deliver on high standards.

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Technology & Services Delivered by Eventagrate

2D Virtual Platform 

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Eventagrate’s developers branded and customized a 2D virtual platform in line with the WCC's event requirements. Each attendee, exhibitor, or host experienced a different platform that catered for their event needs, based on their unique login details. This was a convenient, centralized platform for all congress attendees to have event details at their fingertips and a platform that promoted engagement, fun, and interaction. 

The 2D virtual platform included a designed home page, program/agenda, speaker biographies, a virtual main stage, breakout rooms for specific content discussions, speed networking, a showcase area for exhibitors, a virtual meeting room & a chat section. In addition, the team built an interactive, live mood board that audiences could access from the 2D platform to express themselves on a shared, live screen. 

360 Degree Virtual Platform 
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The Eventagrate team created an immersive platform for international delegates to peruse using 360-degree navigation which transported them into a virtual exhibition environment. In this WCC virtual world, attendees could consume personalized content as well as network and interact with fellow delegates. The 360-degree platform included the following custom-designed areas: Main Stage, Breakout Rooms, Speed Networking, Showcase area for exhibitors, speaker management & green screen, self-service platform management, and uninterrupted live streaming. 

Main Stage

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Live feeds were scheduled and managed to deliver congress presentations on a live screen in the main stage room of the virtual platform. These live feeds were also viewed by both the live and virtual audiences, expanding the congress’s reach. Delegates watched the presentation content, chatted, asked, and answered questions and contributed to discussion polls with fellow delegates. 

Breakout Rooms 
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Three different screens were included side by side to divide each break-out room, providing the delegate with a variety of content options that they could select from. Within these breakout rooms, delegates could also interact with fellow delegates online using the chat, QnA, and poll features. 

Speed Networking
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The WCC required the virtual speed networking to be mimic that of the physical speed networking. Thus, the Eventagrate team set up the virtual speed networking section to facilitate timed networking sessions where delegates were introduced to new groups of people every few minutes online. This keep engagement levels high as delegates were able to meet and share insights with new delegates on a rotation basis. 

Showcasing Area
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This area was created for WCC’s exhibitors and sponsors to display their latest innovations via a virtual exhibition arena. Each exhibitor had their virtual booth customized using their branding and CI. Delegates could engage with them by requesting company information, setting up meetings, or chatting with the company directly. The exhibitors could also update their booth information from the back end using the self-service function in real-time. 

Speaker management & green screen
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The live welcome host who appeared as a figure in the virtual 360-degree platform was recorded using a green screen and transferred onto the platform. All speakers’ schedules were managed by the Eventagrate team and WCC facilitators to ensure that the event ran smoothly. 

Platform Management 

While the Eventagrate team mostly customized and managed the 360-degree virtual platform, it should also be noted that training was provided to the WCC team to manage, update and control parts of the platform. This training was beneficial as it empowered the WCC team to make certain changes in real-time. The WCC team found the platform user interface extremely easy to use and a very convenient way to manage event information and communications. 

Live Streaming
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The WCC was streamed to over 700+ delegates worldwide so the full team of Eventagrate technical managers needed to always ensure uninterrupted streaming. The technical team skillfully controlled the mixing, audio, video displays, and behind-the-scenes production to ensure that the content was delivered on time and without latency delays.


Hybrid Audience Engagement 
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The Eventagrate team ensured that audience engagement levels remained high throughout the WCC event. The virtual platform included live chat rooms, speed networking, QnA sessions, live interactive polls, a digital fitness test, a virtual playbook, and a live mood board. 


Digital Fitness Test
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Attendees could interact with the Digital Fitness Test which was a quiz containing questions about digital strategy, technology and data fitness and culture & skills. They could provide answers that ranged from “Limited” being the least to “Optimising” being the most. Once the attendees submitted their responses, the test would then calculate what their result was and let them know at what level their overall digital fitness was at. 

Virtual Playbook
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The Playbook was designed by the Eventagrate team and WCC to help challenge attendees to re-think what has been done before and imagine new possibilities. It was created to not only communicate the attendees' own expressions but as a vehicle to drive collective action. The Playbook was recreated virtually to ensure participation, collaboratively online.

Hybrid Mood board
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The mood board was created to bring about excitement and partnership at the event. Delegates could contribute by sharing their current moods, feelings, thoughts and answering questions about the congress. Their entries were then moderated and displayed on a giant mood board that was on display for everyone to view at the physical event. Delegates could easily access the online portal via a QR code to share their personal attributes. 

The Eventagrate Team 
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Above all else, the Eventagrate and Eventify team thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this event. They put in many hours to achieve excellence both on the technology and the production execution side. The level of technical detail coupled with the willingness to join forces as a team made this event an absolute success. 

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