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The Middle East Awards Show

Client / Agency
Informa Connect (Middle East)

Eventagrate's 3D stage content designers created this real-time, 3D animation production for the opening act at the Middle East Awards Show. The stage content took the form of a synchronized, intergalactic carnival piece whereby our designers created 3D, virtual dancers who danced in sync with live dancers on stage. The audio equalizer and soundtrack that accompanied this synchronized piece was integral as it was the foundation for the timed, creative piece. In addition, the team created an immersive metaverse environment whereby users created personalized avatars and explored, used expressive emojis, dance moves, and comments to connect with other players within the microverse. This immersive environment was streamed live to the main stage which brought physical event attendees into the virtual world, allowing them to be transformed from a physical event to a virtual realm.

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About The Middle East Awards Show & Informa Connect

The Middle East Event Show is an annual draw card for the region's events and entertainment community. It unites over 1500+ professionals for two days of immersive learning and collaboration, including an exhibition and awards show. This year’s event was extra special considering it commenced after a two-year break because of COVID-19. Eventagrate provided the creative strategy and 3D content delivery for the show’s introduction piece and the awards show sequence. Informa Connect is a live events, digital content specialist connecting professionals with knowledge, ideas and opportunities. Informa Connect (Middle East) were the main organizers behind the Middle East Event Show.

"The amount of detail that went into creating such immersive 3D stage content for the Middle East Event Show was astounding! Our audiences were truly blown away and the opening act added great value to our show. The video quality, timing, and level of precision in the execution was outstanding. I am always pleased to work with the Eventagrate team.
Their creativity in content creation, attention to detail, professionalism, and operational ability is something special. From me and my team, we truly appreciate everything you delivered to make our show such a success.-Amar Daginawala, Exhibition Director | Event Shows Portfolio, Informa Connect (Middle East)

Technology & Services Delivered by Eventagrate:

1) Creative Concept, Theme, and Stage Strategy

Eventagrate and the Dan Bolton Creative Management Agency collaborated with the theme of intergalactic carnival-style and MEEA-Stylized cityscape which underpinned all creative stage content. Eventagrate provided a real-time, synchronized dance piece with live, physical dancers in synchronization with virtual 3D-designed dancers for the opening showpiece. This transported the audience from the physical into the virtual realm. The synchronized dance piece was created around a single shared music track in which the audio equalizer guided the movement of the dancers.

Real-time, 3D content was created to take the awards show audience on a journey. Different nominated categories required separate audio tracks and 3D graphics which aligned with the content. These graphics included 3D magical orb boxes, explosive magical particles, and shimmering logos as they moved to reveal the nominees and winners in each category. In the breaks during the awards show, the Eventagrate 3D designers used an audio visualizer and equalizer to provide entertainment on the stage screens. The 3D designs were created in sync with the audio tracks.

"Eventagrate as always was able to take on a massive scope for a large exhibition and awards ceremony where we were not only showcasing multiple products, but we were delivering a massive part of the awards ceremony from stage design, to entertainment and content.  We shined bright with some of the toughest critics in the room and set the bar high in terms of what a digital events company can accomplish." -Kevin McArdle, Founder, Streamworks

2) 3D, Real-Time, Immersive Stage Content

Unlike the traditional way of creating stage content (For example, using a mix of videos, images, and presentations), the Eventagrate team used a real-time, 3D engine to run the stage content. With a real-time 3D engine, the stage content looked and felt a whole lot more immersive when compared to the use of video mixing software. The 3D graphics were created in real-time during the event. A synchronized, 3D dance piece was created for the opening sequence and for the awards show. 3D graphics were used to highlight the event logo, nominees, and nominee categories, bringing them to life using special effects.

3) 3D, Synchronized Animation Piece

A preselected audio track was central to developing the synchronized dance piece. The Eventagrate designers matched the audio track to a virtual music video using intergalactic carnival-styled dancers. 3D graphics of virtual dancers were then synchronized with live dancers on stage. The live dancers shadowed the virtual dance routine. Timecodes were used and sent to dancers to ensure that the show systems were coordinated. There were bursts of particles, moving lines, shapes, and changing colours, all created using 3D graphics in real-time. An audio visualizer/equalizer was used which took the music and sound elements and created visual data in time to the music. The 3D life-sized dancers shadowed the live dancers as they danced in sync on stage. Special aesthetics were created such as separating the middle and side screens to allow live dancers to dance in the middle, focusing on and highlighting the live dancer's routine.

“You see the content you have created so many times in rehearsals and while you are creating it, but when it is the live version, it is always the best version and so worth the time and effort. I feel extremely rewarded when I see our teams content come to life.”- Ahmed El Naggar 3D stage content director, Eventagrate

4) Data-driven Awards-Show Sequence

3D graphic content was developed for 24 award categories and nominees. Each award category had a separate audio track so the Eventagrate team needed to match each track with each nominee category. This required accurate timing and the data needed to be automated in real-time. The stage content was data-driven and the production was automated to ensure that the content was matched with the audio tracks seamlessly. Instead of creating a 2D video, the 3D designers created a 3D world where cameras roamed through the 3D virtual space, this highlighted 3D graphics and revealed the nominees and winners of each category.

During the breaks of the awards show, the team used an audio equalizer and particle system where sponsors' logos were also displayed in a hybrid environment. In addition, 3D graphics were created with a user journey on the main stage to explain how to use the metaverse application that the Eventagrate team had created. Once the metaverse app went live, it was also streamed live via NDI to the main stage so audiences could view themselves live in the application on-screen.

5) Immersive, on-stage metaverse environment

Our creative metaverse space creators at developed a 3D, cross-device-friendly metaverse environment. Audiences were able to customize avatars by selecting their colour and name of choice. The personalized avatars roamed a shared 3D environment with other users. Users controlled a real-time avatar to move around the 3D environment and could view and interact with other attendees within a fully branded space. Each avatar explored the space using expressive emojis, their best dance moves and comments to connect and network with other players. The best part was that this 3D metaverse was broadcasted live onto the main stage screen for the audience to join and be immersed, prompting interactivity from their mobile phones to the live screen.

“I believe this was a first of its kind for physical events and I think we will see much more of this technology in the next upcoming stage events.”- Ahmed El Naggar 3D stage content director, Eventagrate