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Sharjah Department of E-Government at GITEX 2019 - Experiential Journey

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Sharjah Department of E-Government

Sharjah Department of e-Government has announced that 33 government departments will participate in the 39th GITEX Technology Week at Dubai World Trade Centre. At its pavilion this year, Sharjah e-Government will showcase a number of new projects by participating departments that will contribute directly to the development of e-government services, ensuring customer satisfaction and facilitating the digital transformation.

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The Experiential Journey

consists of different new technologies to display and visualize Sharjah E-Government’s development towards digital transformation and innovative projects. It aims to inform the visitors at their pavilion about the agency’s history, vision and objectives.

QR Tickets

were issued among visitors from the reception of the stand. Each visitor was given a ticket with unique QR codes, to be scanned on a registration desk where they will sign up through our touch screen application. ⁣

The Robotic Arms with Hologram

is the first stop of the journey. A touch screen controller is in the middle of the booth to control the robotic arms’ movements. Content about the client's vision and achievements is displayed through the holographic screen in which the arms interact with⁣.⁣

Touch Kiosks

were featured throughout stand with custom-made podiums to hold LED touch screens that lets the visitors explore the pavilion's map and browse through information about the company.

Object Recognition and Motion Sensors

were the next technology to be featured on the stand. Various categories have been integrated on labeled cards for our software to identify the user’s selection of content. A green screen room is set up with motion sensors in order for the visitor to interact with the content on the screen, in a custom virtual background.

Create your Own City

using multiple touch screen application, projected on an LED wall. The application lets you customize your city’s appearance, infrastructure, buildings and more.

An Interactive Giveaway

was handed out by an automated machine upon visiting all the booths in the stand. The QR code will be verified to check the journey’s progress and if the visitor finished all the scans, they will receive a gift from Sharjah E-Government stand.