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Saudi International Collegiate Programming Contest Stage Content

Client / Agency
Saudi Ministry of Communication and Information Technology - Saudi Arabia

Over 2000+ registrations from more than 40 universities took part at the Saudi Collegiate Programming Contest hosted in Riyadh on the 16th and the 17th of September, 2022 by the Saudi Ministry of Communication & Information Technology.

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Technology & Services Delivered by Eventagrate:

The Eventagrate team worked closely with the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to deliver stage design and content that best represented the global competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The team then managed the full show run for the awards ceremony. 

The Eventagrate team announced the winners in collaboration with the Africa and Arab Collegiate Programming Championship (ACPC) using a dedicated scoring system to show competition results live on the screens in real-time. Eventagrate’s stage design, LED and lighting was brought to life by Topex SA. 

Immersive, Data-Driven Stage Content

Eventagrate were key in immersive content creation and synchronization for interactive presentations executed by the emcee and the Deputy Minister of Future Jobs and Capabilities, Eng. Faris Al Saqabi. All content was designed to spread out on multiple screens, rehearsed and delivered to the audience with the message on specific queue points. This 3D content captivated the audience's senses through high quality real-time graphics, synchronized audio and well-timed, live rendering. 

Real-time Competition Show Element 

A part of the stage agenda content was the main competition show element. This 30 second show piece orchestrated the prize categories and were ranked with amounts of money to be awarded to the winners in each category having the total prize money of 530,000 AED. 

This dramatic launch element transmitted 3D content in real-time through each digital surface to create one central animated masterpiece. The audience was taken on a digital journey of suspense where 3D content, immersive audio and lighting was synchronized to form one perfectly timed content piece which announced the winners in real-time. Ventuz software was the core innovative technology behind this show element which required real-time data rendering. 

LED Enhanced Stage Design 

The technical stage design was set up to mirror the distribution of LED to create a reflection and a sleek look and feel. The stage was also boarded with LED strips to highlight specific areas and to add to the overall stage aesthetics. We worked closely with the Topex team to deliver and execute the stage design from end-to-end.