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Sliding Screen

Client / Agency
Red Events / Saudi Falcon

With their exceptional immersive vision, Red Events, Eventagrate and Saudi Falcon Club embarked on an experiential journey to provide digital wings to the Saudi Falcon Expo 2021. The Saudi Falcon Expo aimed to educate visitors about falconry and intended to preserve the historical heritage and traditions associated with falconry culture. It also sought to promote awareness, training, research, and action programs to protect falcons and the flourishing sport of falconry in future generations to come.

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Manual slider screen- falcon anatomy

To hone in on the visual makeup of specific parts of the falcon’s anatomy, a manual slider screen was created. Using Lidar sensors, the manual screen could be slid over different parts of the falcon's anatomy, displayed in the background to receive an x-ray like effect of the specific parts of the falcon with the details accompanying it. The sensors tracked the position of the screen based on the user’s interaction. This created an interactive journey to explore the underlying composition of falcons.