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Interactive Projection Wall

Client / Agency
Red Events / Saudi Falcon

With their exceptional immersive vision, Red Events, Eventagrate and Saudi Falcon Club embarked on an experiential journey to provide digital wings to the Saudi Falcon Expo 2021. The Saudi Falcon Expo aimed to educate visitors about falconry and intended to preserve the historical heritage and traditions associated with falconry culture. It also sought to promote awareness, training, research, and action programs to protect falcons and the flourishing sport of falconry in future generations to come.

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Interactive Projection Wall- Future of falconry

What better way to showcase the future of falconry to the younger generation than with an Interactive Projection Wall. This was an interactive wall surface that displayed information about the future of falconry. Using projection mapping, each area of the wall was made to light up when triggered by touch lasers when guests walked by and this would reveal a particular falconry fact animation. Our team used a wall sticker to map the graphics and then applied touch lasers on the floor which triggered animated projections onto the wall when guests moved to specific points. This gave them the illusion that their interest in the graphics was triggering the illumination of animations.