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Russia Creates

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Russia Creates

Russia Creates hosted a two day event on the 7th and 8th of April, 2021 at the Address Marina Hotel bringing together officials and creatives to share their knowledge and expertise. The event was a hybrid event where the physical location was at the Address Marina hotel while it was also broadcasted and streamed on the Russia Creates live YouTube Channel.

Russia creates hybrid event
Russia creates hybrid event eventagrate production
Russia creates stage screen content
Russia creates hybrid event
Russia creates augmented reality display
Russia creates augmented reality display
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The Hybrid Event

was a two-day event with a physical setup and a live stream having different feeds from camera, graphics and audio stitched together to release the final stream on several YouTube Channels.

Russia Creates 2.0 - 7th of April, 2021

Russia Creates is an event managed to bring people together from the Creative industries including experts in art, music, architecture, design, cultural programs and much more by opening the unique potential offered by the dynamic markets of the Arabian Gulf – in particular the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Stage Screen Content

The full agenda content was created considering two different themes and branding guidelines for both Russia Creates and Russia Expo 2020 event. Transitions included intro logo animation with music, holding logo animation, sponsors' logo loop, floating keywords in the creative industries on the sides of the stage.

Augmented Reality

elements were used on stage to interact with the live show mixing the physical with the virtual world. The Russia Pavilion National Anthem on day two was also done in AR, and mixed  both sound visuals with AR on stage. The creative decision behind using Augmented Reality was mostly targeted at the virtual audience - making sure that there is an element that allows them to feel more engaged and enjoy the content.

Three Separate Youtube Links

were provided to release one stream feed in Floor, one fully with Russian translation and the last with English translation.