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Project Name

Riyadh International Book Fair

Client / Agency
Eventagrate / Benchmark SA

Our collaboration with Benchmark SA led us to develop various technologies for Riyadh International Book Fair 2021. The annual event was presented by the Ministry of Culture to preserve & promote literature, art, and culture utilizing high tech to strengthen the publishing and cultural industry.

riyadh book fair hybrid stage
interactive stage riyadh book fair event
eventagrate navigational map touch screen
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Technology & Services Delivered by Eventagrate

Navigational Map Touch Screen 

10 Touch-screen Kiosks were positioned all throughout the venue to help the visitors navigate through each of the exhibition stands. The application was also used to specifically locate a book from every exhibitor to guide the user where to find and purchase the book. These screens received high demands with queue lines from attendees eager to discover more about their books and publishers of interest. 

Interactive Wall

To entertain the young ones, we installed an Interactive Wall that enabled the users to play with digital drawings, colouring them in with the use of a spray can, programmed with motion sensors.

Hybrid Stage

Lastly, we curated a Hybrid Stage for the main program that gathered international speakers from different parts of the world to interact virtually on video calls with the physical speakers on panels through the set agenda. The hybrid setup provided a seamless conference among the speakers on stage, plus the virtual speakers having had a technical check before their scheduled sessions to assure a smooth experience. The online audience was invited to interact with both the physical and virtual speakers through the Q&A feature allowing speakers to address their questions live. 

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