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MCIT Future Skills Hybrid Event

Client / Agency
Saudi Ministry of Communication and Information Technology - Saudi Arabia

Eventagrate worked together with The Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to assist in the content production and stage technical setup to celebrate the achievements of their Future Skills Initiative and launch future goals for Future Skills 2.0. The MCIT Future Skills initiative aimed to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the ICT sector by facilitating quality training and assisting with recruitment requirements of the current and future labour market. The event took place on the 1st of December, 2021 at the King Abdullah Financial District Conference Center in Riyadh.

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Technology & Services Delivered by Eventagrate:

Eventagrate delivered world-class event technology solutions to ensure the success of the event by delivering the message at the most impactful level. For the Future Skills Project, Eventagrate was engaged in the following deliverables:

Pre-Function Area - Immersive Screen Designs

Tower-shaped screens were designed in the pre-function area which accentuated the entrance archway and grandness of the event. Logo loops and animated backgrounds were also created for doors in the entrance to the main auditorium.

Technical Stage Design

A larger curved-shaped screen was the main focal point in the centre auditorium and encircled the audience, allowing for enhanced immersion. Eventagrate designed the stage with technical details to have a main screen in the centre with a distribution of screens to give a magnificent overall look to the stage immersing the audience with the content. Careful consideration was taken in the stage design to accommodate people entering and leaving the stage easily. The team was on-site to ensure full supervision of the execution along with assisting the lighting team in creating the overall show element.

Stage Content

Content created by the Eventagrate team was displayed in real-time on the screens creating high-quality storytelling and well-timed, crystal-clear displays. This includes provision of the full stage content from speakers' slide titles, logo animations, interactions during speeches as well as the launch sequence and awards ceremony. 2D graphic overlays were also used to highlight logos and name placements throughout the presentation.

Storytelling Interactive Keynote Speech

Eventagrate worked closely with the two keynote speakers for the Future Skills 2.0 event to convert their presentations into exciting interactive stage content.  The team worked closely on-site with the speakers at the rehearsal to ensure the smooth flow of content on the screen cued by specific words on the speakers presentation.

Mixed Reality Lighting

The Eventagrate team created dramatic light programming effects to fit in with the event agenda. The timed lighting was used to highlight areas of the presentation and 2D overlays. Transparent glass boxes were also illuminated using lighting to give the effect of energy and light being transmitted through them.

Live Streaming & Graphic Overlays

The MCIT Future Skills live event was upstreamed live to their Twitter account to increase brand awareness and exposure. 2D graphic overlays were created for the live stream to highlight specific areas of the presentation namely event speakers’ names, logos, and announcements. The Eventagrate team was also involved in show calling the event from end to end and provided the streaming direction.

Technical support & Event Rehearsal

Eventagrate provided full technical supervision on-site for the installation and the full production of the event. An event rehearsal was also conducted with a queuing plan set up including interactive speeches with the two keynote speakers.