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Project Name

KitKat AR Window in Dubai Mall

Client / Agency
KitKat/Serindipity Events

Kitkat launched the Green Tea Matcha in the UAE, Saudi and Kuwait in September 2019 as part of the 350+ most popular KitKat varieties that have been available in Japan. Eventagrate was appointed to deliver an Augmented Reality installation at Kitkat Oxygen Bar booth that has been part of the launch experience at the Dubai Mall, September 2019.

kitkat AR window dubai mall
kitkat AR window dubai mall
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The idea

was to add a fun and surprise element to the guests seated at the Oxygen bar facing a screen that reflects the Pearl Divers waterfall behind it giving a sense of being seated by a window. Animated 3D content was created to create different stories with the use of Augmented Reality on the waterfall.

Octopus Attack

While there are mall shoppers roaming around the area, one specific mall shopper dressed in a hoodie stands to look at the waterfall up close behind the rail. All of a sudden an Octopus tentacle comes out of the water to grab the shopper, swirling him up into the air before dragging him down into the depths of the water fountain.  

Pearl Diver

There are pearl divers static on the waterfall. All of a sudden, one of the pearl divers start shaking as if it is about to falloff from place to slowly come to life taking position while diving elegantly into the water at the base of the waterfall.


Rocks surface from the bottom of the water to have a Samurai land from the sky on the rock face. The Samurai starts swinging his sword in practice to have his grip of the sword loosen on one passionate swing towards the window and  shatter the glass.

Sushi Chef

The waterfall opens a gate to a cave in it to reveal sushi chef with his table on the waterfall. Salmon is swimming in and out of the waterfall to have one caught by the chef, placed on the table and sliced for Sushi.