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Project Name

Glade Graffiti in Mall of The Emirates

Client / Agency
Glade/Geometry Global

The launch of the new Glade’s scent Amber and Oud happened in September 2018, in Mall of the Emirates.

glade MOE event digital graffiti
mall of the emirates interactive digital wall
glade dubai event digital graffiti
glade MOE dubai digital graffiti
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Glade decided

to present their newest scent in an interactive manner and that's exactly what we did.

An interactive digital wall

in which the visitors could choose from different scents of actual glade cans and customize beautiful artistic mandalas.

Experiential marketing as its fullest.

Firstly, the visitors would choose from several options of Glade scents cans, which colors and patterns they like the most. Then they would pick them up and use them to paint on the digital wall. This was achieved with the help of object recognition and motion tracking - each can was being detected in space, and each action was reflected on screen as a painting. Once they finished their art piece, the canvas would come to life with a beautiful animation of their unique painting.

A printout of their art

would come after the animation on screen was completed. Each visitor left the event with their own, glade branded, art pieve.

Several technology solutions

were used. By utilizing optitrack technology and active markers, Eventagrate was able to make the actual Glade cans the tool for the interactive painting. Not only that, but the live paint content would be printed on the spot with a special photo printer.