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On November 5, 2019, the EDGE Group globally launched their company and we had the pleasure of working with them side by side to share their vision and mission with the audience. That vision was to show the future technology of the world’s defence industry. Eventagrate developed the event’s concept, digital branding, interactive solutions, stage presentation, stage show and the big reveal of their brand.

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The Venue

The venue, St Regis Hotel in Saadiyat Island was fully customized for the occasion. From beginning to end various technologies supported the journey and the mssaging of advanced technology.

The Reception

included LED walls and iPads at the reception area for registration and digital signages

The Entrance

was a custom-made tunnel, implemented to greet the visitors with animated graphics and key messages from the brand

The Pre Function Area

had variety of technology. From multiple depth screens and an LED wall for coordinated content display to integrated gasified experiences that allow guests to try their hands at using this advanced technology in a simulated battle.

The Stage Area

featured a massive hologram setp, panoramic LED display, reinforced with lasers and a choreographed lighting show. In addition to the 10-minute launch show that featured indoor drone choreographed performance, there was also a holographic presentation supporting the CEOs first words to the newly formed EDGE company.

The Lunch Area

post event had LED screens on both ends, as well as custom media totems for digital branding and media display.