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Sales spaces are changing and communication requires something more than traditional sales content in Real Estate. We developed technology that facilitated a new way to interact with and experience the new Eagle Hills sales center.

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Eagle Hills

is a private real estate investment and development company, and they unveiled their new state-of-the-art sales center located on the 12th floor of Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In order to stylishly showcase their new properties and projects, we have implemented our most advanced and sleek touch screen applications.

A multi-function touch wall

was installed at their entrance hall to show a live surveillance feed of their 18 on-going projects simultaneously. Beside it was a comprehensive touch application that provided you with information, photos and videos of their current properties.

A memory game

application was also integrated at the bottom right corner of the wall to keep the children entertained, as their parents discussed possibilities with a sales agent.

A 4K Touch Table

was positioned in the middle of their sales meeting room, to pull-up any data about their background, projects, portfolio and information. It was displayed to their clients using custom animations. All this was achieved whilst still maintaining the solution as a functional sales tool.