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Department of Energy - Immersive Room

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Department of Energy/Buildup

The 24th World Energy Congress was hosted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy last September 2019, taking place in the capital of UAE, under the theme “Energy for Prosperity”.

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aspires to continue along its mission of cementing the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s status as a world energy capital and one of the most influential global hubs for the energy sector, and to portray that, we’ve partnered with them to exhibit their newest innovations using our latest technologies.

The Immersive Room

created by Eventagrate uses three 5x2-meter LED screens that displays synchronized data and animations, controlled by a touch screen podium in the middle of the room, and four 55-inch touch screens for individual interactivity placed on top of the LED wall. Each element of the screen is designed to teleport your vision from reality, to the digital world. And each screen was with perfectly pixel-mapped content, creating a full immersive journey.

Four touch screens

on the wall served as information kiosks for multiple users to view a simplified version of the app during standby. At certain moments the room could be controlled only from the central touchscreen, but at others, up to 5 different users could do over the content simultaneously. Neon lights were also reinforced on the floor to finish the futuristic look of the room.