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Cisco Room With Emirates

Client / Agency
Emirates, Cisco/Marketing Eye

Emirates is the world’s leading airline and they have continued to pave the way for innovations in their industry. They have been bringing thousands of people to different countries every day, and Cisco wanted to present them something, but this time, without you leaving the room.

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introduced their virtual assistant Ora. She will be assisting the user all throughout the journey to make the experience enjoyable for anyone. The way Cisco wanted to present this new virtual assistant was via the creating of a virtual immersive space

The Virtual Room

consisted of 12 tracking sensors for real-time body tracking. The VR goggles and various room objects were equipped with active and passive markers for object recognition. That enables the user to interact with each tracked object physically, and see the interaction in an enhanced way, virtually.

A Virtual Seat

was also integrated to simulate a drive into a different city, and a first-class seat on one of their aerial fleet. It can also switch to different viewpoints for a fully immersive experience of the airplane during take off and landing.

This was just the beginning of an idea on how to make the travel experience seamless.