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Cartier had the goal to re-establish their presence in the Middle East, and more specifically - Kuwait. Eventagrate was brought on board as a technology advisor, creating the full educational concept and execution of the interactive scope of the project.

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Interactive tunnel with wind

scent, and movement detection. Completely immersive, following the movement and producing wind a distributing scent based on that. The animation itself also uses sensor technology - it follows the visitors as the sensors trigger the blooming environment, the birds following the visitor, the sound of crickets and many more.

Interactive touch wall

spanning over 8m in length, incorporating a glass overlay that made the surface multi touch was the second technology for the pavilion. Two separate guests could take the journey simultaneously - either in English or Arabic. The content allowed for personalization of the jewellery, custom creation and for information going in-depth of the process of creation and inspiration for the collection.