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Bait Al Naboodah Sharjah - Interactive Museum Technology

Client / Agency
Sharjah Museums Authority

The newly renovated museum of Bait Al Naboodah's team reached out to integrate technology into the space. From video product and iPad applications to touchscreen applications and even augmented reality - we offered the best solution for their needs.

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The Museum

is built in 1845. Bait Al Naboodah is set around a sun-drenched courtyard with walls made of coral. The charming two-storey house features a grand entranceway, elaborately carved decorations and wind catchers‎ on the walls. Wander through the various rooms, admiring the craftsmanship and ingenuity of traditional Gulf architecture in an age before air conditioning, and learn about the daily routines of the prominent pearling family who once lived here.

Bait Al Naboodah is famous for its design, beauty and size. The building embraces local design elements and cultural practices, while incorporating architectural influences from the broader Gulf region. It was one of Sharjah's largest houses and is a prime example of a grand coastal home.

The Introduction Video

speaks of the history of the house and the designs that can be seen around.

From the iPads

you can learn about the authentic architectural designs of traditional Emirati houses.

A Touchscreen

showcases historic documents linked to Bait Al Naboodah and his family.

The Augmented Reality over a model

shows animations of the lifestyle and values of the traditional Emirati culture.