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Augmented Reality Stage for Asia Paints

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Asian Paints

Each year, Asian Paints celebrates the achievements and milestones of all the members of its family of dealers from across the country, chosen based on sales targets and rewarded with an incentive trip to a foreign destination. The brief was to curate a splendid celebration for the members of Asian Paints Privilege Club with the objective of giving them the experience of a lifetime. Keeping the theme and objective in mind, the seed of thought led to the birth of a plan – to create an experience that would make the members of Asian Paints Privilege Club feel like Visionaries.

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The Augmented Reality Stage

was one of the highlights of the event as Asian Paints COO Mr. Amit Syngle started his presentation on a blank stage. He then started hand movements that triggered animations on the stage to reveal recent projects and buildings. Different paint color palettes were introduced and were then applied to buildings and walls to show the viewers how it would look.

Gesture Control

was also integrated to deliver the conference presentations in a unique and impressive way.  Also known as motion control, the technology was used to interactively reveal street murals that Asian Paints had sponsored by different artists around Mumbai, using Asian Paints products of course.  To achieve this, the team took ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the buildings, and gave the president an ordinary paintbrush. Motion sensing technology was also used in the next reveal of Asian Paints new products and branding.