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Nissan Juke Activation


Eeagle Hills Estate


Marketing Eye

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When Nissan unveiled their newest model, the Nissan Juke, they organized an event #TakeAStand at the Dubai Autodrome in order to raise brand awareness and show the people how their new vehicle is versatile and functional at the same time.

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Nissan Juke

is the crossover between a sports car, and an SUV, that gives you performance and commands pure attention, and for you to stand out.

Touch Screen Application

is designed to customize your own Nissan Juke by changing the colors, adding patterns, putting on graphics and decals in real-time.

3D Mapping

was integrated through the use of precisely calibrated projectors that displays the design that you made on the screen, directly on the car in front of you.

Customized T-shirt

with the printed design that the visitors made on the application, was the giveaway that each of them went home with.