Project Name

Hope Consortium - World Immunisation and Logistics Summit

Client / Agency

Hope Consortium


The mass distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to the global population is considered to be the largest and most complex logistical operation ever to be undertaken in human history. The World Immunisation & Logistics Summit, hosted by the HOPE Consortium, welcomes over 1,000 virtual attendees from around the world to the virtual pre-function area and the virtual stage hosted on the mimic platform.

The Virtual Stage hosted

about 50 speakers from multiple countries that joined throughout the event to share their expertise.

The Pre-Function Area

had a welcome host, display signage for the partners and the Hope Consortium, as well a networking opportunity, addressing 5 main subjects.

The Networking Rooms

had diverse topics that touched upon different vaccination topics and challenges and topic. Each room includes a moderator and conversation starter, which also filters the most relevant questions to be pinned at the top for attention.

The Exhibition Area

was hosting 6 separate exhibition stands. Each stand was dedicated to a partner, which whom participants could book a meeting, speak to hostesses on the stand, and download company collaterals.

Green screen MC

was hosting the event, allowing for interaction such as chat and Q&A. Questions were also ranked per session, that was later on relayed to the speakers for discussion.

As usual, the Ventuz created

control panel, made it easy to change camera angles, display content and run the virtual event in the most optimal and educational way possible.