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Expo 2020 - Urban and Rural Development - Virtual Stage


Expo 2020


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Expo 2020 Dubai’s third pre-Expo thematic week brought together numerous members of the Expo family. They came together to share action-oriented solutions already making a positive impact in cities and communities across the globe, as well as innovative ideas and visions for a future where there is opportunity for all. Delivered in collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat) and Siemens, Expo’s Premier Infrastructure Digitalisation Partner, Urban and Rural Development Week examined how the world’s population will live and grow in harmony with our planet. 

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The Virtual Stage

had the (by now) usual elements that can be exected on an Expo 2020 stage - Q&A capability, polling, and simultaneous interpreting.


were happening online with disriguished speakers from multiple locations of the participating nations.

Digital Branding

changed throughout the day to represent the speakers, their countries, as well as the Expo 2020 Urban and Rural Development topics.