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Expo 2020 - Tolerance and Inclusivity Week - Virtual Stage


Expo 2020


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Expo 2020' virtual stage dealt with big topics. How can we work together as global citizens to foster greater common understanding for more inclusive societies was the main question of the 2-day discussion. With 7.8 billion people on our planet, Expo 2020 put the spotlight on perspectives and conversations about multiculturalism, co-existence and interfaith understanding, accessibility, cultural relativism, inclusive dialogue and more. 

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The Virtual Stage

had the (by now) usual elements that can be exected on an Expo 2020 stage - Q&A capability, and polling.


were happening online with disriguished speakers from multiple locations of the participating nations.

Digital Branding

changed throughout the two days to represent the speakers, their countries, as well as the Expo 2020 Tolerance and Inclusivity topics.