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Expo 2020 - Knowledge & Learning Week - Virtual Stage


Expo 2020


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As a global community, we are always on the quest to push further in the realms of science, medicine, sustainability, technology and more. But how do we harness and challenge our knowledge today to prepare for the future? Expo 2020's Knowledge & Learning Week on 15-16 December 2020 hosted on mimic : stage focused exactly on that. The talks aimed at finding out how education, skills and work must keep evolving in the face of new challenges and new opportunities.

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The Virtual Stage

had the (by now) usual elements that can be exected on an Expo 2020 stage - Q&A capability, and polling.


were happening online with disriguished speakers from multiple locations of the participating nations.

Digital Branding

changed throughout the two days to represent the speakers, their countries, as well as the Expo 2020 Tolerance and Inclusivity topics.