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Expo 2020 - Climate and Biodiversity Week - Virtual Stage


Expo 2020


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Expo 2020 will host renowned international experts, change-makers and industry leaders at its upcoming Climate and Biodiversity Week, taking audiences on a virtual journey towards urgent, decisive action on climate change and preserving biodiversity. Taking place on 20-21 October 2020, the digital event is the second in a series, launched earlier this month with Space Week, that will shape the thought-provoking content and conversations taking place during Expo 2020.

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The Virtual Stage

had multiple seminars that brought together numerous members of the Expo family, including Expo 2020’s participating nations, Official Partners and the general public.

Digital Branding

of partner such as DP World was displayed around the stage. It showcased the brand identity and the connection and collaboration to the Expo 2020.

Q&A Sessions

and pannel discussions included notable guests from Eden Project and Wilson Biodiversity Foundation to name a few.

Climate and Biodiversity Week

is the second week, held on our virtual stage, and is one of 10 thematic weeks that will held throughout the six months of Expo to explore collaborative solutions to key pressing issues, including the Global Goals, Knowledge and Learning, Space and Water.