Project Name

DAMAC - Sales Interactive Center

Client / Agency


Damac's Sales Centers got a much needed technological revamp with several interactive technologies that Eventagrate set up for them. Creating a pipeline for guests to follow, the journey had a self-guided, sales-person-supported and in-depth flows. The best a sales center can offer to turn a visit to a purchase. 

Damac's Sales Centers

are spread across multiple countries and locations. That means that the chosen tech had to be scaleable and easily reproduced. 
For the flagship office of Damac we chose to implement several different technologies.

A Large Scale Media Touch Wall

set up as the centerpiece and the first thing one sees when they arrive. The sensors used for the touch wall mean that it can be set up as either touch, or gesture/air touch. The wall had all sales information that might be required - from plots locations and pictures, to description, marketing material, as well as CRM Salesforce integration.

A Touch Screen

offering a more private viewing exprience, set up to go in depth of the available properties and developments, as well as a tool to do easy comparisons.

The Augmented Reality on a Model

existing as a purely self-use tool, allowed visitors to view more information over the physical model plus to experience a few nice touches such as moving golf carts, birds and clouds, which added more to the experience.

Digital Sales Booklets

were deployed once the

Spreading onto the other offices we included the touchscreen and tablet solutions as the easiest solutions that any sales person could learn and use in heir day-to-day practice.

The project is active since 2018 and is still widely used through many Damac locations.