Project Name

Christmas With Tiffany and Co

Client / Agency


Creos Consulting

As the holiday season approaches, it’s no secret that jewelries and diamonds are perfect options as a gift. And so to celebrate the season with whimsical holiday decorations and ornaments, Tiffany & Co. collaborated with us to give their passerby’s a playful experience at their storefront.

Tiffany & Co.

was about to release their holiday collection and in order to grab people’s attention, we’ve installed a couple of interactive applications at their storefront at the Dubai Mall.

A 24-meter LED Wall

was set up on their shop windows with 9 interactive points. Some of those included integrated within the LED Kinect sensors that mimic the person’s movements as they pass by in front of the store. The interactive wall transformed guests to a wooden holiday doll, that recreates all the movements that person makes -fun for all ages.

A Product Window

was also set to show a media reveal event, that cues the whole storefront as a timer for the grand unveiling of their newest collection and highlights the glass case for their products. The window was triggered live at the launch event, swithching the storefront windows to go from opaque to transparent.