Project Name

Authority for Persons with Disabilities - Virtual Stage

Client / Agency

The Authority of Persons with Disabilities in KSA

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The 3rd of December is a day that matters to everyone around the world. The International Day of Persons with Disabilities brings to light all the challenges and hurdles that our brother and sisters with disabilities face on a daily basis. The Authority for Persons with Disabilities in KSA hosted a mimic : stage event to shine the light on the persons with disabilities and highlight the key initiatives that are being utilized to ease their burdens, help them integrate seamlessly into society, and ensure that all services are available to them to guarantee their place in their community. The virtual event hosted various esteemed speakers and showcased a number of initiatives, talents and touching success stories.

The Virtual Event

was streamed live on YouTube and Twitter on December 3rd to highlight the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Green Screen

speakers and green screen performers appeared on the virtual stage along with key speakers discussing the subject of minimizing the challenges and boosting the opportunities for people with disabilities.

A Sign language Interpreter

ensured that all segments of the virtual event were accessible to viewers with hearing impairment.