Project Name

Atlantis The Lost Chambers - Interactive Art

Client / Agency

Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Artistic and interactive projection mapping installations in Atlantis the Lost Chambers. Bringing the story of the Atlanteans to life via immersive sensor based interactivity. 


is the ancient lost city deep beneath the sea, and The Lost Chambers finally uncovered its beauty by having the largest aquarium in Middle East and Africa.
To complement over 65,000 incredible marine animals within its halls and tanks, we have integrated various interactive installations with the best and latest projectors from Epson to further immerse the visitors in the underwater world of Atlantis and retell its story.

Upon entering

the the Lost Chamber, visitors can now walk among a school of fish to playfully show them around the center water tank. The floor projection mapping is sensor based and fish react to the guests' movement

The Navigation Room,

where ancient Atlantean warriors gaze upon the people and guide them through the hall and honor their arrival with a salute is next. A ceiling projection mapping area, where sensors detect the guests and the movements ov the Atlantians above water is synchronized with that.

The Knowledge Room

receives an upgrade for normal selfies or photos with glowing hieroglyphs on the jellyfish tank. A subtle animation projection mapping brings the atlantean's script to life.

This is just the beginning of The Lost Chambers' journey towards exciting technology for a better customer experience and engagement.

Stay tuned where it's better and wetter, take it from us.

Truly interactive set of technologies, powered by a real time graphics solution Ventuz.