Technology artists, inspiring people through event technology


Our Purpose

Every step we take with you is a journey into a more advanced world of technology and creativity. Our purpose lies in building connections and transforming your vision into ground-breaking experiences by using Audio Visual, IT, Software, Sensory programming and Design. We thrive in creating one-of-a-kind, technically innovative, experiencial projects that will elevate your brand engagement. We are driven by the passion to provide you with great value by creating emotive experiences using digital technology and media to elevate user journeys. We strive to provide unique digital tools and experiences that bring happiness to people and communities, creating a more connected future.

Looking back in time, sheer enjoyment amongst our clients, our team and our technology has been a key driver in our success. More heart brings about growth and innovation
Ruslan Karimov, CEO
To see our clients’ emotionally moved by their customers happiness, when engaging at an event, is our biggest reward
Miguel Galvao. Technical Director

Our Story

Eventagrate was born out of a love for technology and the need to continuously morph, change and improve for our customers. Founded in 2010, as a team of event tech enthusiasts with the desire to integrate digital art and new technology into the lives of our people. Impacted by “the year the world stopped”, we emerged with a newfound passion to design excitement and facilitate meaningful connections between people around the world.  Our labs and offices are located in Dubai-UAE, Toronto - Canada, Russia, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia, Johannesburg- South Africa.


We are an international team of Interaction Designers, Project Managers,  Interactive Producers, Designers, Electrical Engineers, AV Specialists, and Software Engineers working together to deliver extraordinary experiences worldwide.

Ruslan Karimov
Miguel Galvao
Technical Director
Agalar Ragimov
Head of Design
Anas Bitar
Digital Project Manager
Jesse Dullabh
Production Manager
Ahmed El Naggar
Head of Real-time Department
Sitora Khalikova
Administration Manager
Raid Khoury
Account Manager
Tatyana Dreditova
Projects Coordinator
Mais El Ras
Customer Success Director
Andrey Kiselev
UI / UX Lead
Dina Romantsova
Account Manager
Chandapiwa Manzvera
Finances / Accounting
Juan Alonzo
Marketing Content Manager

Our team is comprised of dedicated, technical creatives with the desire to learn something new everyday. Each of our departments are renowned for their knowledge and unique skill set. Our team often pivots from Research and Development (R&D) mode to a collaborative unit that delivers extraordinary events. Our team falls into several distinct categories, namely; Real Time Graphics, Conceptual Development, Web Devs, Motion Graphics, Sensor and Electrical Engineering as well as Project and Accounts Manager.


Our team of technology artists are continuously enhancing their certifications and skill sets to ensure we deliver progressive, innovative event technology and services. Our team is comprised of:

AWS Certified Professionals
NewTek Certified Technicians (Platinum Partner)
Ventuz Certified Designers