Eventagrate is an interactive digital integrator, software house and a conceptual company.

Inspiring people through technology.


To be a provider of digital tools and experiences that enable people and communities to create the future.

We are an international team of InteractionDesigners, Project Managers, Interactive Producers, Designers, Electrical Engineers,AV Specialists, and Software Engineers working together to deliver extraordinary experiences worldwide. 

Founded in 2010 as a team of enthusiasts with a desire to connect digital art with technology. Grown into the collaborative workspace where the meaning of every project is being designed and communicated through interactive installations and digital products. Our labs and offices are located in Dubai - UAE, Toronto - Canada, Russia, Riyadh - KSA, Johannesburg - South Africa.

digital integration

Every step we take is a journey for us into the world of technology and creativity. As a company we live in the cross section of many industries like Audio Visual, IT, Software Development, SensoryProgramming, and Design. We thrive in creating one of a kind projects. We are driven by an idea that we can provide great value by integrating both digital technology and media into the life of the user, visitor, or consumer.


Our teams are formed from  individuals full of ideas and desire to learn something new every day. Each team is grouped by their knowledge in a specific field and skill set. When it’s time for a project kick-off we switch from ourR&D mode to the collaborative unit to deliver extraordinary experiences.Our teams fall into several categories: Real-Time Graphics, Conceptual Development, Web Devs, Motion Graphics, Sensor and Electrical Engineering, as well as Project and Account Managers.


We believe that every step we make is about bringing efficiency in communication, creativity, and information through technology. Let us take you on a journey with us.